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Prosthodontics is the specialty of implant, esthetic and reconstructive dentistry. As one of only nine specialties accredited by the American Dental Association (ADA), Prosthodontics pertains to the diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation and maintenance of oral function, appearance and health of the related oral structures. Through a combined 7 year doctoral and post-doctoral training, a prosthodontist develops knowledge and skills beyond that of a general dentist (cosmetic dentist), it includes advanced-level clinical training, patient care, laboratory experience, material science, and research. The national governing body of the American College of Prosthodontics (ACP) ensures that the highest standards are met and maintained within the specialty. Unlike a "cosmetic dentist" or "esthetic dentist" a Prosthodontist is the only "specialist" of esthetic and reconstructive dentistry.

Maxillofacial Prosthetics is the subspecialty Prosthodontics, and the only accredited sub-specialty of all of Dentistry.  It involves the rehabilitation of patients with defects or disabilities present at birth or aquired from disease or trauma. A prosthesis is often needed to replace missing structures head, neck, face, and jaws to restore oral functions such as swallowing, speech, and chewing. In some instances, a prosthesis for the face or body may be needed for cosmetic and psychosocial reasons. Patients that typically desire prosthetic care are those that have been in an accident, have had surgical removal of diseased tissues, or have a neuromuscular disorder from ALS or a stroke. Children can also be born without full development of ears, teeth, or palate and need specialized care. Maxillofacial Prosthodontists are accustomed to working cooperatively with ENTs, Oral Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Neurologists, Radiation and Medical Oncologists, Speech Pathologists, Anaplastologists, as well as other Dentists. The overall goal of all maxillofacial prosthetic treatment is to improve the quality of life. 

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